Use 50 Paraliminal FREE & achieve your goals (and win prizes)

Paraliminal Challenge

Take the 5-Day Paraliminal Challenge!

You can use all 50
“inner mind” Paraliminals FREE
to achieve your dreams (and win prizes)

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You have free access to Abundant Money Mindset, Anxiety-Free, Ideal Weight, Living the Law of Attraction, Memory Supercharger, and Peak Performance. And…44 more!

Put on headphones. Push play. And in 20 minutes your “nonconscious” mind will be guided to new results in any area of your life. It’s so easy!

Created by master of the genius mind, Dr. Paul R. Scheele, Paraliminals help you effortlessly maximize your potential and achieve your goals with…

– B A L A N C E D   E M O T I O N S –
– E X P A N S I V E   A T T I T U D E S –
– P O S I T I V E   A C T I O N S –

And for the first time ever you can use all 50 of these breakthrough programs FREE as you take the 5-day Paraliminal Challenge sponsored by Learning Strategies.

What’s your challenge? Maybe you have something you want to get rid of—procrastination, anxiety, feeling overwhelm, excess weight, low energy…or…maybe you have something to achieve! Maybe you want to write a chapter in your new book, or you want to buy a house, or improve your memory, play better tennis, eat better, or prepare for an important zoom call.

Write down your challenge, because when you achieve it using the guidance of the Paraliminals, you might just win one of the fabulous prizes.

August 15-19

Use all 50 Paraliminals around the clock!
and make breakthrough progress on your goals!

Get your Free Pass

All of them… Prosperity, Miracle Mindset, Personal Genius, Belief, Get Around To It, New Behavior Generator, Deep Relaxation…

Many were co-authored by leading achievement experts including Jack Canfield, Bill Harris, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Marci Shimoff, Lynne Twist, Stewart Emery, and JJ Virgin. You get the brilliance of Paul Scheele and these acclaimed masters…all free…all infused with Holosync…for five days in August. What will you accomplish?

Paraliminals can help accelerate achieving any goal. All because they direct your inner mind to support you and not sabotage you. Simply pick a Paraliminal, put on headphones, and let the magic happen.

Each is professionally produced and recorded. Each features original music scored for the experience. Each is embedded with Holosync audio tones to create the electrical brain wave patterns you need. Truly, there is nothing like a Paraliminal.

And…if you listen to one or more Paraliminals a day, you’ll make great progress on any goal you have.

Millions have used Paraliminals, and now you get to use 50 amazing Paraliminals in the 5-Day Paraliminal Challenge.

Get your Free Pass

For your achievement,

Joe Jepsen

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