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Awaken Your Imagination: Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Feeling stuck in a cycle of negativity? You’re not alone. But there’s a way out. The Law of Attraction tells us we attract what we are. If negativity dominates your thoughts, that’s what you’ll experience.

The good news? You have the power to change your story. Your imagination is a potent tool. Imagine yourself achieving your goals. Feel the emotions of success. This mental rehearsal impresses a new blueprint on your subconscious, attracting your desires.

Happy or Angry

Finding Peace by Letting Go

Grudges are heavy stones, friend. They weigh you down & poison your well-being. Letting go isn’t weakness, it’s releasing the grip & stepping into peace. Anger & negativity hurt you more than anyone. Forgive yourself, breathe deep, & let go.

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The Art of Goal Setting: A Guide to Achievement

Goals are your personal adventure. What will you achieve? Don’t set goals based on external pressure. This is your journey, your victory. Find what matters most to you and pursue it with passion. With a clear vision, effective goal setting, and unwavering determination, you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to.

A television with hands, holding its remote control. The TV has a calm face with it's eyes closed in meditation.

Turn Off the TV and Tune into Yourself

It’s time for a digital detox. Instead of passively consuming external stimuli, what if we turned inward and focused on cultivating inner peace and clarity? This article explores the transformative power of turning off the TV, engaging in meditation, and practicing self-reflection. Here, we’ll discover the profound benefits of this inward journey and explore techniques to navigate the digital world mindfully.

an art deco sun, wearing sunglasses with clouds made out of tissues

Bless You! You Might Have ACHOO Syndrome (And Your Family Tree is Proof)

Ever sneeze in unison with your family at a bright light? You might have ACHOO syndrome, a hereditary quirk that makes seeing sunshine a sneeze-fest! This article explores the science behind this reflex, its funny family ties, and offers tips for those living with it. It also explains the history of “bless you” after a sneeze and why it’s best to hold off until the ACHOO symphony is complete!


Breaking the chains of Your past

One of the greatest challenges people face is breaking free from the chains of their past. By facing your past head-on, you remove the power it holds over your present moment and the future.

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