combatting common colds

Reflexology for Common Colds & General Maladies

Are you combatting some cold symptoms at present? Perhaps your runny nose and congested headspace simply will not let up. If this is the case, reflexology might be able to offer you some healing and hope.

Reflexology, if you are not already familiar, is an ancient practice that has been modernized in order to become a reliable and widely applicable complementary medicine. Complementary medicine means you can receive reflexology alongside other treatment methods.

So, you might already be taking an elderberry syrup and using your Neti Pot for an Ayurvedic nasal rinse, but reflexology can aid to the abundance of your healing plan.

The Main Points

There are three major reflex points you can use to warm up your system, detox a bit, and release some sinus congestion. For clarity, reflex points are areas on the body that are linked to other areas. By touching them, tracing them, pulling or massaging them, you can induce healing in the other varied connected areas.

If you feel as if you have a bit of a chest cold and your lungs are feeling a bit unwell, then you would want to find your Lung Point. Your Lung Point is shaped like a rectangular on the sole of your foot underneath the three middle toes. On your right foot, the Lung Point links to your right lung. On your left foot, the Lung Point links to your left lung.

You can massage this point in a couple of ways. First, you might merely press your thumb into the rectangularly shaped area and massage gently, moving up and down towards and away from your toes.

Alternatively, you can wrap your fingers around your foot and press into the area with both thumbs, using a gentle amount of pressure. With your thumb pads, massage the area in a circular motion.

Move your thumbs around to cover the entire area. Practice this method for about thirty seconds on each foot. Over time, you might come to practice this massage on the Lung Point for up to a minute on each foot.

Next, for runny noses and stuffiness, you can find your Nose Point. The nose point is on the outside edge of your big toe. It rests near where the sole of your foot creeps in towards the top of your toe. Different from the Lung Point, the left toe connects to the right nostril and the right toe connects to the left nostril.

Again, begin with gentle pressure. As you are working on a point near your toenail and nailbed, both sensitive areas, be mindful not to irritate the area. Give your toe(s) support with your fingers and massage the point gently with your thumb pad. Move from side to side across the area. Practice this for about thirty seconds on each foot.

Lastly, you can further clear sinus congestion by working with the Sinus Point. Located on the top mound of your big toe, you can massage the area on your right foot to connect to the left side of your face and massage the area on your left foot to connect to the right side of your face.

Use your thumb and pointer finger to rub the Sinus Point, move side to side. Continue for thirty seconds on each foot.

If you are first beginning to practice reflexology on yourself, take your time in getting to know the practice. Notice what works and what does not. Keep track of any shifts or changes, energetically or physically, following the stimulation of each reflex point. This allows you to come to know which reflex points offer the most potent healing benefits for you.

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