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A new method to lead you  to your ideal future  has been found in Japan!

“As if you are drawn into a whole new world, 
the reality that surrounds you begins to change”

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“Future Mapping” is a remarkable new technology for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation.… far more advanced than current methods …
… reverses existing ideas on goal achievement …
… turns thoughts into concrete action plans …In fact, Future Mapping very well could be called “a method to create reality.” It could be your new super power.

Future Mapping was developed by Paul Scheele, PhD., Learning Strategies Co-Founder, and Masanori Kanda, a bestselling author who has sold over 2.5 million books in Japan. When the PhotoReading book was published in Japan with Masanori as Paul Scheele’s co-author, it became the bestselling business book of the year selling almost two hundred thousand copies in the first two months.You get to use Future Mapping free of charge during the Future Mapping Mindfest. 

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You can use Future Mapping to gather power from beyond your imagination and take the effort out of achieving goals

Future Mapping is different from other methods in two significant ways:

1) You will use the unexpected power of altruism, which is an “unselfish regard for the welfare of others.” Using altruism, your own self-interest, and all of the baggage that comes with it, drops away. Suddenly hidden resources within you begin to surface in ways that can truly surprise you.

2) You will capture conscious and nonconscious thoughts together in a unique Future Mapping chart to reduce interference from your limited conscious mind. Limiting beliefs, fears, and resistance are simply not part of the equation.

You can use Future Mapping to create a business plan, write a book, solve a conflict, negotiate a sales agreement, tackle a home improvement project, find a solution to a software issue…the applications are truly unlimited.

Future Mapping works regardless of differences in culture, ages, languages, personal background, and professional background. What you will learn in this course is very powerful and will help you release miracles in your life.

This is a technique that will give you an edge in most anything you do.”I have always wanted to access and explore my creative potential but until I started doing Learning Strategies programs I didn’t know how.

Future Mapping has given me the tools to go beyond my fears and self-limiting doubts – to really live in the moment and have fun doing it.”

From my very first Future Mapping chart I could see and feel the difference it was making to my personal (relationships, health and fitness) and professional life. The mundane tasks don’t get me down. I don’t procrastinate anymore. The past doesn’t matter nor does it hold me back, the future is no longer to be feared nor does it paralyze me.

With every day I have increasing certainty I can achieve my goals AND some of them are really big! Despite being close to 60 years of age, life has become very exciting.”

– Melody

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Future Mapping helps advance your skills and talents 
and turn any goal into reality

“Future Mapping is like opening a secret chamber to your inner genius,” says Paul. “Once you draw a Future Mapping chart, you don’t have to work hard to achieve your goal. The process spontaneously motivates you in new and wonderful ways to achieve your end result.”

During the Future Mapping Mindfest you’ll come to understand how you can easily apply it to every aspect of life.Future Mapping is a way of taking the brilliance that’s within you and actually revealing it to yourself in a way that can serve every aspect of your life. I hope you see how this can be a game-changer for you.

Thousands of people have paid hundreds of dollars to learn this breakthrough system. And now you get to use it free of charge during the Future Mapping Mindfest. You simply need to get your Free Pass now.


Joe Jepsen

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