8 Effective Ways to Handle Insecurities

We are born HAPPY, but we are taught to be insecure. Our insecurities rob us of happiness and limit us in numerous ways. Insecurities can prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest. They can prevent us from becoming all that we can be.

Every normal person has at least a few insecurities, but insecurities can be minimized with effort.

Manage your insecurities and get more control over your life with these techniques:

Gently attack your areas of insecurity.

 The best way to deal with insecurities is to eliminate them. So, come up with a plan and begin executing it. Suppose that you have a lot of social anxiety. You might spend some more time each week in public places. Then, you might introduce yourself to one new person each week, and so on.

Remember that no one cares. 

All insecurities come from a fear of being judged in some way. If you can realize that most people don’t really care about what you’re doing, you’re free. Your insecurities will vanish in an instant. 

Talk to someone you trust. 

The people you trust will tell you the truth, and the truth is just fine when it comes to insecurities. When you’re struggling, reach out to someone that cares. They can provide the support you need to move forward with your life.

Visualize a positive outcome. 

We only feel insecure when we imagine a negative outcome. 

Imagine a positive outcome instead and you’ll feel a lot better. When you’re feeling insecure, close your eyes and visualize good things happening. Make a habit of this. Use your imagination for your benefit.

Read biographies of Abraham Lincoln. 

Abraham Lincoln is the most popular US president. But he wasn’t always successful or popular. He failed at nearly every significant thing he attempted. He was a little odd looking. But he became one of the greats in the end.

If anyone had a reason to be insecure, it was Abraham Lincoln. He still did well.

Your insecurity is largely hidden from the world. 

When you’re feeling insecure, only the people that know you the best can tell. The rest of the world doesn’t have a clue. Many people feel insecure, and then they feel embarrassed that everyone can tell they’re insecure. It’s not true.

Remember your best moments. 

Use your past to your advantage. Remind yourself of your best moments and greatest triumphs. 
Do this every morning and evening. 
Step back into those situations and remember how it felt to be so successful.

Just say, “So what?” 

You can choose to ignore your insecurities and act boldly in spite of them. No one ever said you have to allow yourself to be limited by your thoughts. It’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.

Address the things in your life that make you feel insecure. Imagine being successful and comfortable with those things instead. Work on viewing yourself and your insecurities from a new perspective. Everyone is too busy with their own insecurities to worry about yours. Be determined not to allow yourself to be held back.

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