The Power of A Never-Give-Up Attitude


The goal of this eBook, is to give you a new way of thinking.

We will show you how to break the negative pathways in your brain and build new strong positive pathways. In addition, we will cover why it is so important for your success in life, to full understand and implement the idea of having a powerful, never give up no matter what attitude.

Following this eBook will greatly improve your chances of having a very successful life.


The persistence drive in humans has declined over the years. People will find a multitude of reasons to quit any endeavor the moment it gets difficult. They want success but are unwilling to put in the work and stick to a game plan.

There are a number of factors that can be considered, when trying to understand the “it will just be easier to quit,” attitude. As children are raised in a hectic world today, some parents find that they would rather allow their children to give up on certain things, rather than be patient and persistent in teaching them how to win at life. Once a child sees that being aggressively resistant towards a task, allows them the chance to do something more pleasurable, they will build upon that.

As adults of any age will find, the ability to focus on a goal or plan can be difficult. This is due to the high pace world we now live in. Giving up is starting to become the normal thing to do, once a roadblock appears. For most people it far easier to say, “This is too hard, this is too stressful, I cannot do it.” Once they convince themselves that giving up is the way to go, it now becomes the easy way out for anything they do in life. When a relationship becomes difficult, they have already built a neural pathway in their brain…that is the highway to giving up without much of a fight. Everything we do, creates neural pathways and we strengthen those pathways with repetition.

Look around you. When you see successful people, are they smartest people in the room? Frequently the answer is no. Smart people can get frustrated and give up, just like anyone else. If you really dig deep and even ask some questions, you find the successful people are the ones with the biggest persistence muscle. They were either born with or learned the ability of going forward no matter what life throws at them.

In this eBook, the aim is to teach you how to be extremely persistent, while being patient at the same time. Your ultimate growth will come from this.

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