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The Act Of Forgiving Is For You And Not For The Other Person

There are close to 8 billion people in the world! Each one has their own perceptions, thoughts, and viewpoints.

All these different opinions create gaps in how we communicate with one another. The more we let these gaps fester, the worse off they become. As a result, we poison our relationships with emotional disconnection, anger, and animosity. And the worst part is it’s all built on miscommunication.

One of the ways we can bridge these gaps is through forgiveness. In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of forgiving others. We’ll also tell you why the act of forgiving is for you and not for the other person.

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What Is Forgiveness?

According to mental health experts, forgiveness means choosing to accept what happened for what it is. There are no embellishments or added drama. It means you stop holding onto what could have or should have happened.

In a nutshell, forgiveness is letting go of the pain and anger. Only then will you be able to step into your present and live a full, happy life.

Now, let’s go a bit into what forgiveness is not. It’s not becoming good friends with whoever hurt you or even accepting them. It’s also not saying that whatever happened was ok.

Is It Easy to Forgive?

For many people, forgiving someone who betrayed your trust and love is hard. It takes time and you have to go through several steps to finally reach that point where you can feel inner peace.

Other people can forgive quickly. Others need more time.

The act of forgiving doesn’t just depend on how quickly you can go through with it. It also depends on the type of betrayal that happened and the context of the entire situation. The worse the act, the longer you’ll hold onto that resentment and anger.

Another factor is the person who wronged you. Is it a colleague or someone you’ve known for a few weeks? Then, you may find you can forgive them in a matter of weeks, maybe even days.

How about if it’s someone close to you? A parent? Loved one? Your best friend?

No doubt, forgiving them will take much longer to go through. That said, it can be done with a bit of perseverance and self-awareness. That’s when you can reach a state where you fully accept what happened and just move on with your life.

Why Forgiving Others is Good for You?

First off, let’s start by saying no one is perfect. The quicker you realize that the smoother the whole forgiveness process will be.

It’s important to have a realistic attitude towards the imperfections of humans. This will help make forgiving others more comfortable.

Open yourself up to other perspectives and experiences. Have a bit of empathy and you may get a better understanding of the person’s choices and actions.

Moreover, through forgiveness, you can let go of resentments and grudges you’ve been holding on to. Accordingly, you can avoid suffering from mental and physical anguish.

The best part is, when you forgive, you become a stronger version of yourself. It’s the beginning of a healing process that makes you more aware of your self-worth. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem get a nice boost.

In addition, you free yourself from negative emotions and thoughts that weigh you down. It’s empowering and freeing at the same time.

You’ll start to concentrate more, focus more, and remember things better. Not only that, but you may start feeling more hopeful about the future.

Always remember that forgiveness is powerful. It takes real strength to forgive people and actually take the first step and move on.

A Final Note

You may think that holding grudges keeps you alert and keeps your anger raging. It’s better to choose a life of inner peace and tranquility rather than one filled with resentment and constant aggravation.

Once you decide to live a life of happiness, you’ll realize that the act of forgiving is more for you than anyone else. So, to save yourself from going down a path of bad decisions, start your path to forgiveness today!

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