TLC Diet Transformation

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Do you have high cholesterol? Has your doctor told you they’re worried about the risk of heart disease in your future or that something needs to change?

If yes, the TLC diet is designed for you. If no, the TLC diet will help keep it that way.
People who don’t have high cholesterol or heart conditions will still benefit from following the lifestyle change. Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) means making the right kind of changes for your body and ensuring you’re giving it the best chance at survival and staying fit. By following the diet, you aren’t taking any risks or putting yourself in danger. You’re helping your body by giving it the nutrients it needs without the risk of putting too much in there.

Are you looking to be healthier?

The TLC diet not only helps with reducing cholesterol, but it has helped people lose weight and generally feel better. Healthier. Eating processed foods, or giving our body too much and clogging it down with the bad fats can leave us feeling tired. Too much sugar leaves us dependent and fatigued when we’re running low.

Making healthy choices and sticking to them gets your body back into its natural rhythm, and eventually you’ll feel more energized – more awake. All thanks to the foods that you’re putting in your body.

Do you suffer with headaches? Tiredness and achy muscles? People don’t tend to realise just how much impact food has on our bodies. Eating the wrong thing can lead to crankiness, imbalances, and drowsiness. Eating the right things? You’ll feel much better on a healthy meal plan than you ever will on a cup of coffee. The perks last much longer, and help give you the best shot at a long life.

Do you have the motivation to make changes?

The TLC diet isn’t a fad. It’s not a diet you only follow for two weeks, drop your dress size for that big event and then get right back to your usual eating habits.

The idea behind it is to make changes that you can stick to. Initially, any type of change is difficult. You need to be serious about making a change, and stick to it. If you have the will power and motivation to look after your body, then the diet is absolutely for you. There are no age restrictions, or rules on who can and cannot follow the diet. Work hard and it’ll pay off in the long run.

Do you want to feel better?

As already mentioned, the wrong foods can make your body feel slow and run down. Eating right and healthy can revitalise you and make you feel full of energy. If you want a way to give yourself more energy, without sacrificing hours of the day away in bed, the TLC diet can help you. It’ll make you feel better, healthier, and in most cases it can help drop a few pounds too, leading to a whole new energetic version of yourself.

The TLC diet is there for anyone who wants a change, is determined, and wants to stay healthy or improve their health. There’s no reason not to try it.



Hearing the word diet usually inspires thoughts of cutting food, counting calories, and depriving yourself. Diets tend to come in waves, and they tend to be unsustainable – many of them even go as far as being unhealthy if done over a long period of time, and can lead to lack of nutrients.

The TLC diet isn’t just a diet, it’s a way of changing your life style and eating healthier. TLC  stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Change. It isn’t just about restricting yourself to a set number of calories per day, or juicing everything before ingesting it. It’s about making changes that are better for your body. Sometimes, the things we fuel our body on can cause fatigue, headaches and other unseen dangers and illnesses. The TLC diet is designed to make us feel better and healthier, while still providing us with everything we need to keep moving and to help learn how to be healthier while still enjoying what we eat.

The idea of the ‘diet’ is to help control the amount of saturated fat that a person consumes; this can mean cutting down on milk and meats. It also means cutting out nicotine, and getting in frequent exercise. All of which benefits overall health, as well as cholesterol.

The Benefits

One of the main benefits, medically, that the TLC diet has is reducing cholesterol. It has been recommended by doctors, and by the National Cholesterol Education Programme from the US National Institute of Health.

As well as helping with cholesterol, the TLC diet can help with weight loss, too, and as it’s a change in life style rather than an actual diet, it’s easier to sustain, and there’s much more chance of the weight staying off and little chance of the person slipping back into their own way of eating. It becomes a way of life, and eventually becomes natural.

It reduces the risk of health problems later in life, making sure that we’re taking care of ourselves as we fuel our bodies. It makes sure that we’re getting the right nutrients and that we’re putting the right kind of food inside our bodies.

The Negatives

Depending on how you view it, the negatives might not necessarily be bad things. Cutting down on meat is a big one – while protein can be good for you, too much of it can cause unseen problems, such as raising cholesterol. It’s recommended while following the TLC diet that only two portions of meat are consumed each day, maximum.

Another big thing is learning how to read a nutritional label, and understanding everything they put on there. It can be difficult to learn what they mean, especially when they have a habit of being sneaky. Many times, packaging will state a serving size that doesn’t represent the full packet. Learning to read these will help you keep your portions under control and ensure that you’re not eating more than you think you are.

Overall, the idea of the TLC diet is to become healthier, leaner and more aware of what we’re fueling ourselves with. Whether the diet has been recommended to you by a doctor, or it’s one you’ve found online, it’s never too late to start looking after yourself.

A Day in the Life of the TLC Diet

Starting a new diet can be scary – you instantly crave all the things you very recently had access to. You feel like you’re depriving yourself. Everything turns into ‘I can’t have that’, rather than politely declining it because you don’t want it. Everyone has been there. Everyone has woken up on the dreaded Monday, where they swore no more cupcakes and more lettuce, and instantly regretted their decisions.

Dieting doesn’t have to be miserable.

A typical day on the TLC diet will be different, potentially, to what your days used to be like but they don’t have to be bad.


Mornings are a great time to revitalise yourself. You don’t need to go on a thirty minute jog, but absolutely get in a quick routine. A five minute warm up followed by a few body weight exercises to tone, and then cool down and off you go with your morning. With TLC, breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated. A bowl of cereal with fat free, or low fat, milk is fine. It provides complex carbohydrates, and tend to be low in fat. You’re also definitely
 still allowed your coffee – just go light on sugar, or without it entirely if you can.


Diets and limp lettuce tend to be conjoined, but they absolutely don’t have to be. Lunch can be anything from a tuna salad sandwich (with dressing!) or a low sodium vegetable soup. You can experiment with your own recipes and throw together something you won’t dread eating a few times a week.

If you work at a desk, try and get out for a walk – even if it’s just around your office building, get your legs moving and try and get in a little exercise. Diet and activity go hand in hand in ensuring a healthier life style.


The – for many – main meal of the day is important. For a lot of people, it’s something to look forward to once you get home. Something like grilled skinless chicken breasts, with roasted vegetables stays in line with the diet, tastes good and gives you many needed nutrients. If you’re worried about bland taste, drizzle with olive oil, and rub herbs into the chicken, or even coat the vegetables.


Most diets prohibit snacking, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a treat every now and then. Try and keep it healthier – don’t reach for the potato chips – but indulge your taste buds a little. Greek yogurt with a small portion of berries is a good, sweet example. It tastes good, it’s filling and you’ll be doing your body a favor.

There are many great ways to stick to a TLC diet plan without worrying about what you’re no longer allowed. For many foods, moderation is key. Meat is acceptable, just limit your intake of it, reduce your dairy and sugars, and you’ll start giving your body the tools to repair the damage and bring down your cholesterol without having to depend on tablets and pills from your doctor.

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