How to have greater Vitality and Youthfulness “NeuroMovement Healingfest”

Anti-aging without vitality? No way!

Anat Baniel shows you how to effortlessly have both greater vitality and regained youthfulness in a free online event that will change how you feel about aging. Begins soon.


As you age, you want to walk with increased ease, strength, speed, and improved balance (and without a walker). You want to watch TV without falling asleep, visit family, go to ball games or concerts, walk through the park, travel, think more clearly, have greater awareness, and easily learn to use that new phone. Right? Of course!

You want to be healthy, active, and feel vibrantly good. And not just once in a while. What if you could feel wonderful every day?!

Anat Baniel developed a NeuroMovement system to get the brain working better and actually prevent (even reverse!) a lot of the symptoms so many people experience as they age. You can use the system free of all charge over five days in the first ever Vitality & Anti-Aging NeuroMovement HealingfestGet your Free Pass here.

Here are common symptoms of aging that CAN be improved:

• Aches and pains

Persistent issues with the neck, back, knees, feet, and other parts of the body.

• Difficulty with movement & diminishing flexibility

It’s challenging to get things out of upper cabinets, walk up and down stairs, pick things up, get down to the floor and get back up, get in and out of chairs, tie your shoes, or fast moving back and forth…

• Getting slower and not wanting to move

Children are movement machines, but as we age, we move less and less, and eventually movement becomes a conscious effort. Both our mind and body seem to be behind the curve.

 Lose strength and stamina

It becomes harder to open a jar, carry stuff, play golf, rake the yard, make the bed, push or pull, walk up a hill, and use our hands for more delicate coordination.

• Feeling that life is getting smaller and closing in on us.

We don’t want to go anywhere, we don’t want to learn, we get tired of this or tired of that, it’s harder to cognitively catch things that go by quickly, harder to follow conversations with unfamiliar content,

• Feelings of hopelessness, thinking things will only get worse

We feel the best years are behind us. We think we have to act old. We believe life is for younger generations.

That all happens when we get stuck in our habitual patterns –

– Change the patterns in your brain and you will reverse those symptoms of aging

It is so easy to fall into patterns. It is so easy to believe the symptoms of aging are inevitable and irreversible.

But, they are not. You can slow and reverse those symptoms by creating new connections in your brain in a way that turns you into a powerful learner, more like when you were a young child.

You can change the trajectory of aging and ways of being that weren’t there before, even when you were younger.

Yes, we are mortal creatures, but until it is time to get our wings, we can live vibrant and active lives.

You already have heard of older people who accomplish extraordinary things, whether running marathons, inventing breakthroughs, writing books, taking on massive new projects, starting an exciting new career, finding new love…

That is possible for nearly everyone and is validated by modern science and neuroscience.

“My memory and ability to learn is increasing. At 59 I feel younger and more flexible than I did in my 30s. I put on a pair of socks while standing, and my balance was steady as a rock on each leg. Without training to balance on one leg! Yea!!”
— Mailena B.

You will learn simple & subtle movements that will wake up and rewire your brain

During the upcoming NeuroMovement Healingfest for Vitality &Anti-Aging, you will gently transform physical, cognitive, and emotional patterns of movement, thinking, beliefs, and emotions that cause most of the issues involving mobility, flexibility, strength, and pain.

Get Your Free Pass Here

These simple movements will activate your brain for improved brain functioning, which will lead to

• A renewed enthusiasm for learning

• Improve cognitive abilities

• Peak performance

• Pain-free mobillty

• More energy

• Sharper thinking

• Enhanced awareness

• Joy and enthusiasm

Will you have to do these NeuroMovements every day for the rest of your life?

Goodness no!

Do them now, see immediate results, and do them again when you want to up your vitality anytime in the future. It’s time for your Free Pass.

“I’m 71 years old and over the past several years I’ve developed a number of walking issues and I must say in four relatively short lessons I feel like an absolutely new person. I have fluidity in my knees, I have fluidity in my hips. my walking is a lot better I came with chronic foot pain I don’t have foot pain anymore and all I can say is that it’s quite amazing.”
— Joel J.

What is NeuroMovement?

Anat BanielDecades ago, a woman named Anat Baniel began studying the relationship between movement and the brain. She figured out how to intentionally activate positive brain change (what is called neuroplasticity) for making the seemingly impossible become possible.

Anat discovered that doing movements slowly and gently with attention to what you feel as you move, wakes up the brain to rapidly create millions of new connections. This helps bring about rapid learning and, at times, seemingly miraculous breakthroughs in overcoming limitations due accidents, bad habits, and a variety of conditions, even when in some cases doctors say there is little hope.

It is all about expanding the repertoire of what your brain can tell your body to do and then being able to do it harmoniously, effortlessly, and without pain and suffering.

And during the brand-new NeuroMovement Healingfest you will be able to use Anat Baniel’s NeuroMovement for Vitality & Anti-Aging, all free of charge.

Get Your Free Pass Here

If you ask your friends and family members about longevity, don’t be shocked if 100% say they don’t want longevity. That’s because they are imagining themselves in the achy bodies and inflexible minds of their grandparents, parents, and other older people. They see what they don’t want.

If that’s you, cancel that thinking. Do the Vitality & Anti-Aging NeuroMovement Healingfest, and begin seeing for yourself how vibrant and healthy you can be now and in the years to come.

For your health & well-being,

Joe Jepsen

“I was able to sleep all night long for the first time in seven years after just four movement lessons!”
— Rick

“I found myself moving in ways I haven’t moved for years.”
— Irene H.

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